I was going to write about some important stuff, like the fact that the homebirth service in my town has just been axed with no warning.  It’s outrageous, and I will try to find time to write about it soon, but there is something else going on that just has to take precedence.

I saw the The Age of Stupid last night. It is absolutely essential viewing. You’ve seen it already? Great! I really hope I am the last person to have seen it, living outside a major city and all. I hope you are already hassling your politicians, protesting against the coal industry, and transitioning your town to a zero-carbon community.

We all know about climate change these days, but we all do still need a good kick up the backside. There is no time to waste! The film is entirely based on mainstream scientific predictions and uses real news and documentary footage.

I had tears in my eyes as I watched the film. Imagining the future for my son, imagining he might be the man left in the film.

If you haven’t seen it yet, go here immediately and find out where you can see it, or even better, organise a screening in your community. I also highly recommend this website, which is the action campaign linked to the film.

The blog might be turning into a climate change campaigning blog…