My mother-in-law (Granma) arrived to stay with us yesterday. We haven’t seen her for over 6 months and I was unsure how she would respond to the fact that I am ‘still’ breastfeeding Wren. I thought I’d keep it a bit private, but was quite willing to defend it if necessary. Wren, however, had a different approach.

Within half an hour of Granma arriving, Wren:

– pulled down my shirt to reveal a breast, asking for ‘milky’;

– offered his own nipple for Granma to have a drink;

– asked me to give some ‘milky’ to his new toy characters (presents from Granma) and pushed them down my shirt;

– asked Grandma if she would also like some milky from me.

This is the first time he has ever offered my breast to anyone else, real people or toys. Fortunately, Granma thought it was all quite hilarious.