Oh my, where to start? This has possibly been the worst week so far.

I have finally reached the end of my patience.  I don’t know how you get it back…?

Wren is being an average, energetic, authority-testing toddler – what else can he be?  At my best, I can laugh with him and eventually we get somewhere.  But this week, I am not being the mother I want to be.

I am afraid that in this previous post, I oversimplified my choice to delay returning to work. The truth is – and I am surely not the only mother to feel this way – that I am continually being pulled in two (or more) directions. But why is it me who has to be so torn? Why is it so much more straightforward for his father?

We have had a wonderful two years, but I think I may have reached a point where spending 24/7 with Wren is doing more harm than good. I want to enjoy his gorgeous company, not feel resentful. As much as I don’t want to put him in childcare before he is ready, what we have now is no longer working.  Oh, for some other option! Where is the village?

But don’t hold me to anything yet.  Next week I will no doubt change my mind again… about a million times.

p.s. I have just realised that Arwyn at Raising My Boychick has linked to here. I am so grateful for that, but somewhat embarrassed that it has come at such a low point. Apologies to any readers who may have come from there.