At Wren’s recent 2 year health and development check-up, we were asked many questions. One was: can he catch a large ball? Yes, he can.
Discussing the check up with a friend, the mother of a 2 year old girl, she said that she couldn’t answer the question because she had never tried throwing a ball for her daughter to catch. My goodness, I thought. People have been throwing balls for Wren to catch since moments after he emerged into the world*. He owns about 82 balls*, of all varieties, and rarely a visit to the park goes by without someone taking it upon themselves to coach him in popular ball-related sports*. Anything to do with gender? What effect does this have on long term sporting ability and/or interest?
It’s certainly not a lack of interest on the above-mentioned girl’s part. She fights Wren for a ball at almost every meeting.
Just some observations.

* moderate levels of exaggeration