The right of women to choose to give birth at home is under threat in Australia, due to two bills currently before a Senate inquiry. Now is the time to act.
The bills in their current form would make it illegal for independent midwives to practice, due to their inability to get insurance and therefore registration. This would make homebirth illegal, except for a small number of localised services run out of a few hospitals.
I gave birth to my son in a hospital, but would have much preferred to do it at home, and intend to give birth at home in future. Wren’s birth story is a good example of why for many women giving birth in hospital not only makes the labour much more stressful for the woman, but it is also a waste of beds and resources in a hospital system already thinly stretched.

For more detail about the issues, see the Maternity Coalition website
You can sign a petition here.
Even better, you can make a personal submission to the Senate Inquiry before 20 July – that’s this Monday!
If you need help, see this Info Sheet from Homebirth Australia, which includes a sample submission.