If there is anyone out there, I’m in search of kids books (ideally aimed at toddlers) which are pro-feminist, anti-racist or generally promote progressive values. We have all these old kids books floating around our house, which are just so boooring. Way too many gender stereotypes, evil stepmothers, blonde heroes / dark villains. Yuck. I’ve been reading them in the absence of anything better, but would love to burn them. Even many animal books are bit dodgy, as the animals are always in the zoo or on farms. I’d prefer animals in natural ecosystems, or at least encouraging ethical treatment of animals.
I’ve tried googling some stuff, but not getting much got way too much to choose! Sorry, I posted this prematurely.  Turns out I was just using the wrong terms.  Obviously, I am new to this.  However, still not all that much aimed at toddlers.  And all the ‘feminist’ books seem to be aimed at girls.  Of course, they can still be read to boys, but does anyone know of feminist books written with boys in mind?
I’d love to hear your favourites!