Wren is now 2 years old. And thoughts have been creeping in about what this means, as far as where he should be now, where I should be, where society thinks we should be, where I wish we were.  I have been a full time parent for 2 years now.  It has been the obvious ‘choice’; not all that much thought has gone into it.  Wren’s needs and wishes have come first and I have been happy to oblige; Turtledad has been happy to work full time.  A certain level of ‘inequality’ has been accepted, as a temporary necessity.  But for how long?

I think I may have to make a series of posts into a few things this 2 year milestone is bringing up.  This includes:

– breastfeeding:  I have been breastfeeding on demand (that means a lot) until now.  Two years seems to be a popular weaning time for people in my social group (people generally supportive of breastfeeding).  I do not want to wean, Wren definitely doesn’t want to wean, but am starting to feel the odd one out.  Do I want to cut down breastfeeding?  Do I want to stop breastfeeding at night? I would like to examine this.

– paid work: Do I really want to get a paid job?  If so, why? Or is it social pressure?  Would it be good for Wren to have more time with his Dad or another carer, or should I listen to him and let him have me all the time? He has already proven himself against childcare. Can I ask Turtledad to quit his job entirely or switch to a part time job?  How do I negotiate more equality?

– sleep: There are a lot myths and different ideas about sleep, and I don’t want to sound like I’m buying into unrealistic  expectiations about babies sleeping through the night, but now that Wren is 2, I do feel like it might perhaps be about time to start encouraging him to sleep a bit better.  He has wakes 6 or more times a night to feed – not so bad given that we’re co-sleeping – but how long can it go on?

If you are interested in these issues or would like to share your thoughts and experiences, let me know now, or drop back in again soon for longer posts.